Making the SLOW... FAST 

and the HARD...EASY


The Challenge

The Leadership challenge – 

How can value be created in a world that demands more results with fewer resources?  The environment today is so dynamic and there is a never ending thirst for speed. The barriers to valuable collaboration are more immense than any time in history and without collaboration; real value will never 

be created.   

The Approach

Dean has created a simple model and framework that is based on Five Universal Principles.  They are Universal in that they work every time, but when you violate them, you pay a price.  At the end of each  session, participants leave with real tools and approaches that greatly increase their ability to create value faster and within the most difficult situations. 

About Dean

Dean, a Vice President for The Coca-Cola Company’s McDonald’s Division, has extensive experience across supply chain, customer leadership, operations, and general management of which the past 32 years has been at The Coca-Cola Company.   Dean consults in high value collaboration and recently has been named a permanent lecturer at the Supply Chain Leadership Exchange, a prestigious leadership program between Coca-Cola and Georgia Tech University and is also a guest lecturer at 

The University of Miami.



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