Making the SLOW... FAST 

and the HARD...EASY


The Challenge


The Leadership challenge – 

How can value be created in a world that demands more results with fewer resources?  The environment today is so dynamic and there is a never ending thirst for speed. The barriers to valuable collaboration are more immense than any time in history and without collaboration; real value will never 

be created.   

The Approach


Dean has created a simple model and framework that is based on Five Universal Principles.  They are Universal in that they work every time, but when you violate them, you pay a price.  At the end of each  session, participants leave with real tools and approaches that greatly increase their ability to create value faster and within the most difficult situations. 

About Dean


Dean is a recently retired executive holding numerous global leadership positions within The Coca-Cola Company for 34 years.  In his last role as Global Vice President, Dean was accountable for Coca-Cola’s relationship with McDonald’s covering 100+ countries.  This global experience in customer leadership, supply chain, quality systems, operations and business development required a high level of technical knowledge and best in class leadership skills.

Now, Dean has developed a powerful framework and practical tool, based on 5 Universal Principles, that unlocks the potential of leaders and organizations to drive greater results – faster.  Dean is an expert speaker who has lectured on this subject within Coca-Cola as well as external organizations to include Cisco, The Association of Supply Chain Management, The Internet of Things, and The University of Miami.



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